About Us

About Us

Who We Are

VARIA-PLUS has been selling tapping equipment and has been providing connection services to tapping technology since 1995 and the quality of our services is testified by thousands of supplies made and installations of tapping equipment.

All customer requirements from the Czech Republic will be ensured by a permanent team of employees at the company’s renewed headquarters in Pilsen. We provide the same type of customer service from Slovakia in a similar modern office in Žilina.

VARIA-PLUS has many types of CELLI flow chillers of all sizes and capacities, post-mixer appliances, soda and chilled water makers, even more draft stands and all accessories for tapping equipment.

VARIA-PLUS – tap cocks, tapping heads, CO2 and N2 reduction valves, spray and spray nozzles, drink hose and pythons, John Guest quick connectors, SG quick connectors, junction nipples, staples and nuts, glass brushes, medallions, ceramic plaques , many other elements needed for a perfect drafting device.

VARIA-PLUS services do not end only by selling drafting equipment and drafting equipment. We will conduct a free consultation, a visit to a new bar, a focus and recommendations for the best possible solution for your establishment. We deliver, install, and provide warranty and post-warranty service for all parts of the drafting system. Regular sanitation for your tap equipment is a matter of course, and thanks to our technicians, we are able to operate anywhere in the Czech Republic.

VARIA-PLUS will supply any working stainless steel plate, including complete chilled or non-refrigerated bar stoves, glassware dishwasher, ice maker, ice crusher, professional mixers, frapper mixers and other technology to your modern office.

VARIA-PLUS also supplies high-quality Italian coffee beans CAFFE DELL DOGE including all the necessary techniques such as coffee makers, mills, water treatment plants,

VARIA-PLUS is a manufacturer of glass dishwashers, ice makers, chocolate swirlers and many others under its own brand Spacematic.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide proper eco-friendly solutions to the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a reliable business partner and be innovative.

Our Team

We work hard for your success


Libor Teřl

Founder and CEO of Varia-Plus. His passion for beer led him to create solid and innovative company.

Managing Director

Martin Vondryska

Martin helped to build the company from scratch. He now manages the business and oversees clients projects. He is a true lover of food, beverages, and motorbikes.

Managing Director

Josef Krkoska

Josef takes care of Varia-Plus in Slovakia. His managerial skills make him an indispensable part of the company. His hobbies are travel and good beer

Technical Service

Radek Urbanek

A true technical expert who can design the right solution for any problem. His passion is his family and good food.


Pavel Kříž

Paul is the brain of the warehouse. His final check is extremely important to our business. His work ethic is an example to all.

Accounting Department

Hana Klickova

Accounting brainiac. The true master of math. Passion in quiet and calm.

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