Products and services

Products and services

Beer Equipment


Our product range includes metal, vitreous beer towers. Design and quality combined, to ensure the best drink possible.

SG SuperQuick Fitting

We offer a variety of SuperQuick fittings in calibrated dimensions. They are widely used for joining hoses for beverages, water, air, CO2, N2 or compression gases.


Our product range includes steel and brass beer taps. The quality of drinking is highly influenced by the quality of all the components.


Fast quick and easy that is a motto of this product. This innovative, eco-friendly glasswasher is suitable in every type of restaurant, bar or some other pub.


We offer a wide range of countertop and undercounter Flow Beverage Coolers for use at home parties to the most powerful professional equipment.

Water Dispensers

We offer only high-quality water dispensers with a long lifetime. Most machines have stainless steel waterways. Each of the machines prepares hot and cold water, some types also have a soda maker!

Gastronomical Equipment

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

We offer comprehensive lines of soft serve and frozen beverage equipment that is built to the highest international quality and safety standards.

Ice Makers

A product of our own brand Spacematic is widely sold during the summer months. Due to its unbelievable power makes him a reliable solution for restaurants, bars or kiosks.

Italian Gelato Machines

Somebody say Gelato! We offer a wide range of machines for typical Italian artisan gelato. The long history of company Staff led them to manufacture the best machines in the world.

Water Filters

Water filters from our range will eliminate any water problem. We offer simple water filters for sinks or houses. We think water is important due to its healthy effects.

Frozen Beverage Machines

We offer a wide range of frozen beverage equipment that is built to the highest international quality and safety standards. Produces milkshakes, margaritas, daiquiris, fruit juices or smoothies.

Drink Swirls

Swirl brand frozen non-carbonated beverages consistently taste great! They come in a multitude of flavors and colors designed to appeal to a variety of age groups. Swirl is an everyday treat that puts a smile on your face!



We provide our services to big companies, restaurants, bars or stalls.

Beer Equipment
Ice-Cream Equipment
Water Equipment

VARIA-PLUS services do not end only by selling drafting equipment. We will conduct a free consultation, a visit to a new bar, a focus, and recommendations for the best possible solution for your establishment. We deliver, install, and provide warranty and post-warranty service for all parts of the drafting system. Regular sanitation for your tap equipment is a matter of course, and thanks to our technicians, we are able to operate anywhere in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Varia-Plus distributes Celli products, the company has exclusive representation for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Celli products are well known worldwide for its excellent product manufacture.

The company is also the exclusive distributor of Spaceman Ice-Cream machines and Staff Italian gelato.

Every single product is properly tested.

Our brand of products



Based on technical requirements, we are able to invent optimal solutions for the given problem


After a proper discussion and testing of samples we are able to manufacture the product


In our company there is a strict input and output control of all products


When the product is really tested and fine-tuned it is ready for sale


Innovative and eco-friendly dishwasher suitable for all restaurants and bars.


Supperseal Fittings

Plastic quick fittings in calibrated dimensions. Use for joining calibrated hoses for beverages (beer, wine, limo, water, air, CO2, N2, and mixed beverage gases).

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

Top-class machines of the highest quality with modern design and electronic ice cream density control. Counter and mobile machines, gravity or with gear pumps. High machine value at a very affordable price.

Beer Towers

The passion of our engineers creates beautiful stainless steel beer towers suitable in many types of restaurants, bars or cafes.


Flow beverage coolers for use under the counter. Vertical and horizontal design with ice bank, controlled by 1 adjustable thermostat. The best coolers in the Czech Republic.

Frozen Beverage Machines

Professional machines for so popular slush. Separate density adjustment for each cylinder.

Beer Taps

The unique Czech technical design makes this side tap one of the best on the market. An ideal choice for tapsters!

Water dispensers

Unique Italian design together with brilliant quality makes Cosmetal water dispenser best on the market.

Ice Maker

A simple, quality ice maker with the ability to adjust the size of ice cubes.

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